October 2012

Below is a list of books reviewed on I Heart Reading in October 2012. Titles link to the book reviews.

  1. Intimate Strangers by Anne M. Strick
  2. Your Magnetic Mind by Aan Frazier
  3. The Saint’s Devilish Deal by Kristina Knight
  4. Forever Woman by January Bain
  5. Just Remember to Breathe by Charles Sheehan-Miles
  6. Long Black Coffin by Tim Curran
  7. The Mourning House by Ronald Malfi
  8. The Fleshless Man by Norman Prentiss
  9. The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories by Women (edited by Marie O’Regan)
  10. What Hides Within by Jason Parent
  11. Undead on Arrival by Justin Robinson
  12. 13 Horror Stories by John McDonnell
  13. Shades: Eight Tales of Terror by D. Nathan Hilliard


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