September 2013

These are all the books I reviewed in August 2013 on I Heart Reading. Links point to the reviews.

  1. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
  2. Sometimes It Is Rocket Science by Kara Thorpe
  3. Kiss and Tell by Monica Corwin
  4. Blind Study by Jacquelyn Sylvan
  5. The Ghosts of Chicago by Adam Selzer
  6. Haunted Prisons, Asylums and Sanatoriums by Jamie Davis
  7. Battling Demons of Darkness by Brandon Boston
  8. This House is Haunted: True Encounters with the World Beyond by Hans Holzer
  9. The Cross of Santiago by Evie Gaughan
  10. Rose by Holly Webb
  11. Ghost Story by Peter Straub
  12. The Hole by William Meikle
  13. The Homecoming (Niceville #2) by Carsten Stroud
  14. Mirror of the Nameless by Luke Walker
  15. Nightmare Man by Alan Ryker
  16. All Hallow’s ABC by Jennifer Mahal
  17. Lunula by Alyssa Auch
  18. Trapped by George Bernstein
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