October 2013

These are all the books I reviewed in October 2013 on my blog. Links point to the reviews.

  1. Sunset Rising by S.M. McEachern
  2. The Strings of the Violin by Alisse Lee Goldenberg
  3. A Haunting in Trillium Falls by Mary Vine
  4. Ragesong: Awakening by J.R. Simmons
  5. Surrounded by Ghosts by Janet Larkin
  6. Embracing The Spirits by Barbara Parks
  7. Hunted Heiress by Aeriell Lawton
  8. Sworn to Transfer by Terah Edun
  9. Hello, Love! by Ejourney
  10. The Legend of The Firewalker by Steve Bevil
  11. Waking up Dead by Margo Bond Collins
  12. Mummy Fever (Mission Accomplished) by Charlotte Pearson
  13. Katrin’s Chronicles: The Canon of Jacqueléne Dyanne, Volume One by Valerie C. Woods
  14. Just a Curtain by J.L. Lawson
  15. The Mortician’s Wife by Maralee Lowder
  16. Ruby Hill by Sarah Ballance
  17. This House is Haunted by John Boyne
  18. Sacrifice Island by Kristin Dearborn
  19. The Ghost House by Helen Phifer
  20. Something Wicked by Renée Harrell
  21. Corrosion by Jon Bassoff
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