December 2013

Below is a list of all books I reviewed in December 2013 on I Heart Reading. Links point to the reviews.

  1. The True World (Storyteller Series #1) by Lisa Cresswell
  2. The Quest of Galamar (Storyteller Series #2) by Lisa Cresswell
  3. Burn by Danae Samson
  4. The Last Page (Storyteller Series #3) by Lisa Cresswell
  5. Braineater Jones by Stephen Kozeniewski
  6. The Madrona Heroes Register by Hillel Cooperman
  7. I Believe…A Ghost Story for the Holidays by Valerie C. Woods
  8. Intelligenz by Lloyd Blake
  9. Moore Field School and the Mystery by Liam Moiser
  10. Maisy and the Missing Mice by Elizabeth Woodrum
  11. The Black Church by Toby Tate
  12. Windgate (The School of Ministry #1) by Braxton A. Cosby
  13. The Unknown Mother by Dielle Ciesco
  14. Clara by Suzanna Linton
  15. The Druid’s Doorway by S.G. Daniels
  16. A Dance for Fools by J.A. Lynch
  17. Down to Business by J.C. Alexander
  18. The One You Feed by James Drummond
  19. The Beardless Man of Tornabia & Other Stories by Bernice Agyekwena
  20. Twelve Houses by Olga Soaje
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