October 2014

Below is a list of all books I reviewed in December 2014 on I Heart Reading. Links point to the reviews.


  1. Mini-Review: The Peculiars, More Beauty Less Beast, Alias Dragonfly
  2. Mini-Review: Haint Misbehavin’, Striking Back, Slide
  3. Mini-Review: Guantanamo Boy, Scarlet, The Stubborn Dead
  4. Mini-Review: Firelight, The Mystery of Drear House, The Crown
  5. Mini-Review: Frost, The Girl with Three Legs, Seers
  6. Mini-Review: Tris and Izzie, Fatal Gift of Beauty, Demon Lover
  7. Mini-Review: Becoming Marie-Antoinette, A Killing Season, Waking Hours
  8. Mini-Review: A Beautiful Dark, Dark Eden, Girl of Fire and Thorns
  9. Mini-Review: The Poison Diaries: Nightshade, The Book of Blood and Shadows, Beauty and the Werewolf


  1. To The Stars by Tiaan Lubbe
  2. Mothers who Murder by Xanthe Mallet
  3. Creed by Trisha Leaver and Lindsay Currie
  4. Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick
  5. The Triumph of Tompa Lee by Edward Hoornaert
  6. Forevermore by Kristy Robinett
  7. Project Firebird by Nick Green
  8. Nyctophobia by Christopher Fowler
  9. Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg by Patrick Burke and Jack Roth
  10. The Sunken by S.C. Green
  11. Surrogate by David Bernstein
  12. Charter to Redemption by D.J. Blackmore
  13. A Dead End in Vegas by Irene Woodbury
  14. Loving is Good by Brenda Moguez
  15. Between Land and Sea by Joanne Guidoccio
  16. Deviation by Christine Manzari
  17. The Last Mile by Tim Waggoner
  18. School of Deaths by Christopher Mannino
  19. The Best of Jonathan’s Corner by CJS Hayward
  20. Globaloonies: The Big Red Button by Max Candee
  21. The Enemy Within by Lucy Varna
  22. Winterkill by P.H. Turner
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