2015 Reads

This is a list of all the books I’ve read and reviewed in 2015 on I Heart Reading. Links point to the reviews.

  1. Evil Imminent by Maryann Weston
  2. To Fall in Love Again by David Burnett
  3. The Pendle Curse by Catherine Cavendish
  4. Stillwater by Maynard Sims
  5. Blockbuster by Lisa von Biela
  6. River Card by Joan Destino
  7. Exorcist Road by Jonathan Janz
  8. The Black Lotus by Claire Warner
  9. Orphans of Wonderland by Greg F. Gifune
  10. Nanovision by Paul T. Harry
  11. Telemachus and Homer by Scott Locke
  12. The Kiss of a Rose by Augustina Van Hoven
  13. Love Garage (Love Brothers #1) by Liz Crowe
  14. It’s Only Death by Lee Thompson
  15. Waiting on Justin by Lucy H. Delaney
  16. The Lurking Season by Kristopher Rufty
  17. Grant Me by Em Perna
  18. You Own Me by Mary Catherine Gebhard
  19. Bare Threads by DP Denman
  20. The Portal & The Panther by R.A. Marshall
  21. European Experience by Simone Freier
  22. The Shadow of Loss by Josefina Gutierrez
  23. The Jewel of Kamara by Bridie Blake
  24. Stages & Thieves by Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba
  25. Prime by Windsor Harries
  26. An Infinite Sorrow by R.J. Harker
  27. Mysticism & Myths (Collection by various authors)
  28. His Name is Killian by Ella Adamaian
  29. To Dance One More Day by Rachel Jones
  30. How to Write a Book (even if you never have) by Bridget McNulty
  31. Persephone & Me by Corinne Desjardins
  32. Immigrant Soldier: The Story of a Ritchie Boy by K. Lang-Slattery
  33. Haunted (The Arnaud Legacy #1) by Lynn Carthage
  34. The Purple Heart Detective Agency by Rock Neelly
  35. H.A.L.F: The Deep Beneath by Natalie Wright
  36. After Her by Amber Kay
  37. Damnatio Memoriae by Laura Giebfried
  38. Blood Red Roses by Russell James
  39. Gifted by Donald Hounam
  40. Bootleg Cove by Devin Govaere
  41. Lover, Divine by A. Star
  42. Learning to Float by Allan Ament
  43. Seachange @ Work by Linda James
  44. Doll Face by Tim Curran
  45. Castle by the Sea by J.G. Faherty
  46. Probably Monsters by Ray Cluley
  47. Sunblind by Michael McBride
  48. Snake in the Grass (Hero’s Sword Vol. 4) by M.E. Sutton
  49. Unbreakable by Emma Scott
  50. The Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie and Alyssa B. Sheinmel
  51. Amongst the Killing by Joe Compton
  52. Witches, Voids and Other Sanity Suckers by Kara Thorpe
  53. A Thistle Beyond Time by Jennae Vale
  54. Lioness of Kell by Paul E. Horsman
  55. Normal by Graeme Cameron
  56. Portraits of Celina by Sue Withing
  57. Factory Town by Jon Bassoff
  58. Sudden Secrets by C. Lee McKenzie
  59. Monster by Keith Ferrario
  60. My Journey to the Ocean by Lena Mikado
  61. The One Path by Larry S. Gerovac
  62. Twisted by Andrew E. Kaufman
  63. Little Miss Evil by Bryce Leung and Kristy Shen
  64. The Hawley Book of the Dead by Chrysler Szarlan
  65. The Shadow of The Unicorn II: The Deception by Suzanne de Montigny
  66. Within These Walls by Ania Ahlborn
  67. The Iron Trial (Magisterium #1) by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
  68. Fools Rush by Ciara Knight
  69. The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor by Amy M. Reade
  70. The Cure by J.G. Faherty
  71. No One Gets Out Alive by Adam Nevill
  72. Oasis of the Damned by Greg F. Gifune
  73. Revel’s Ending by Vic Kerry
  74. The Bear Who Wouldn’t Leave by J.H. Moncrieff
  75. The Killing Lessons by Saul Black
  76. In The Shadows of Children by Alan Ryker
  77. Anchored in the Bay by Rachelle Paige
  78. Angel of the Abyss by Ed Kurtz
  79. Skydreamer by Sheryl Winters
  80. Ghosts of Eden by Keith Deininger
  81. Facial by Jeff Strand
  82. Empath by S. Usher Evans
  83. Scarecrows by Christine Hayton
  84. Code Human by N.J. Paige
  85. A Shrill Keening by Ronald Malfi
  86. Aberrancy by Su Halfwerk
  87. Better Left Buried by Belinda Frisch
  88. The Family Tree by John Everson
  89. Reluctant Cassandra by Ellen Smith
  90. Bowery Girl by Kim Taylor Blakemore
  91. A Taylor-Made Love by Kary Rader
  92. Bai Tide by Erika Mitchell
  93. Nightmare in Greasepaint by L.L. Soares and G. Daniel Gunn
  94. House of Echoes by Brendan Duffy
  95. Friends’ Experience by Simone Freier
  96. Haunted Plantations of the South by Richard Southall
  97. Blue Wide Sky by Inglath Cooper
  98. The Thinking by Dallas Sutherland
  99. Stowaway: Curse of the Red Pearl by Tracy Forbes
  100. Earclaw and Eddie by Daniel Jude Miller
  101. The SEAL’s Angel by Petie McCarty
  102. Shadowshift by Peter Giglio
  103. Why Women Cheat by Daniel Gray
  104. The Color of Clouds by J.C. Whyte
  105. Within by Keith Deininger
  106. The Changeling by Helen Falconer
  107. Little Girls by Ronald Malfi
  108. Breaking the Silence by Diamante Lavendar
  109. Stones of Caron by R. Ann Greene
  110. We Are Monsters by Brian Kirk
  111. Between Two Worlds by Christy Santo
  112. Eye of the Storm: Eilida’s Tragedy by Elle Klass
  113. Obliteration by Barry K. Nelson
  114. The Other Side of Summer by Elyse Douglas
  115. Follow You Home by Mark Edwards
  116. My Sister’s Grave (The Tracy Crosswhite Series #1) by Robert Dugoni
  117. Suspended in Dusk by Simon Dewar
  118. Whispers in Eternity by Jacinda Buchmann
  119. The Secrets of Yashire by Diamante Lavendar
  120. Duke City Desperado by Max Austin
  121. Natural Causes by James Oswald
  122. Run by Becky Johnson
  123. The Connolly Affair by Brett Scott Ermillio
  124. Gifted by J.A. George
  125. Song of a Dead Star by Zamil Akhtar
  126. Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes
  127. Haunted Ontario 4 by Terry Boyle
  128. Sidhe (The Incubus Saga #3) by Amanda Meuwissen
  129. The Bad Nurse by Sheila Johnson
  130. Plague of the Manitou by Graham Masterton
  131. Confessions of a Failed Environmentalist by Jennifer Ellis
  132. Dark Avenging Angel by Catherine Cavendish
  133. Spinner by Michael J. Bowler
  134. The Doorway by Alan Spencer
  135. At Death’s Door (Freefall #1) by Astrid V. Tallaksen
  136. Between Heaven & Hell (Freefall #2) by Astrid V. Tallaksen
  137. Ghosts of Lincoln: Discovering his Paranormal Legacy by Adam Selzer
  138. Love and Happiness by Ben Burgess Jr.
  139. Goblins by David Bernstein
  140. The Last War by Alex Davis
  141. Capturing the Muse by Madison Avery
  142. Space Drifters: The Emerald Enigma by Paul Regnier
  143. The Evolved by K.T. Webb
  144. Tales by Charles Todd
  145. The Age of Amy: Behind the Fun Zone by Bruce Edwards
  146. Madison’s Song by Christine Amsden
  147. Nightlife: Night Terrors by Matthew Quinn Martin
  148. Saving Babe Ruth by Tom Swyers
  149. A Debt to be Paid by Patrick Lacey
  150. Darkness Rising by Brian Moreland
  151. At The Sharp End of Lightning by Nicholas Bates
  152. Unholy Bargain by Travis Holt
  153. The Boy Meets Girl Massacre (Annotated) by Ainslie Hogarth
  154. In Search of the Paranormal by Richard Estep
  155. Chupacabra Road Trip by Nick Redfern
  156. Hanover House (Hanover Chronicles #0.5) by Brenda Novak
  157. Nation of Enemies by H.A. Raynes
  158. Cherry Lips by Lacey Dearie
  159. Mr. Nasty by Leo Darke
  160. Diverted Heart by Beth Ann Stifflemire
  161. RUN Ragged by Kari Aguila
  162. Reawakening (Passage of Hellsfire #3) by Marc Johnson
  163. With New Eyes: The Power of Perspective by Heidi Siefkas
  164. Regina Shen: Resilience by Lance Elrick
  165. The Fall of th Midnight Scorpions by Thea Landen
  166. Unbelievable by Trevor Brown
  167. Inconceivable by Cherrie Mack
  168. Kellynch by Kwen D. Griffeth
  169. Love’s Tug of War by Pauline Parson
  170. Deadly Lullaby by Robert McClure
  171. Regina Shen: Vigilance by Lance Elrick
  172. From The Cradle by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards
  173. Thursday’s Child: Far to Go by Polly Becks
  174. Gold Coast Blues by Marc Krulewitch
  175. Wilhelmina and the Willamette Wig Factory by Whitney Dineen
  176. Proportional Response by Stefan Vucak
  177. The Girl in the Maze by R.K. Jackson
  178. Forgotten by Samie Sands
  179. Dead and Kicking by Lisa Emme
  180. Not A Real War by Paul Longley
  181. Dark Screams: Volume Five by Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar (eds.)
  182. Pearls and Tools of Wisdom for Parents & Children by Donna Gardner
  183. Taxi Driver to Doctor by Derek J. Ambrose
  184. Violence Begets… by P.T. Denys
  185. The Ivory Staff by M. Lachi
  186. Concrete Stilettos by Mya Kay
  187. The 13th Brigade by Ky Lehman
  188. The Journals of Bob Drifter by M.L.S. Weech
  189. Fanatics by Richard Hilary Weber
  190. Wicked Jackal by Cherie Marks
  191. Children of the Blessing by Perry Morris
  192. One Hundred Days by Mark Morey
  193. 10 Bits of Wisdom from the Shoe Shine Guy by John Early
  194. Flamingos, Dust and Occasional Leopards by Sarah Knipping
  195. Rebecca’s Initiation by Gary Green
  196. Island Experience by Simone Freier
  197. A Right to Love by Mark Frew
  198. Fate’s Betrayal by Beth Ann Stifflemire
  199. A Brooklyn Love Affair by Tya Marie
  200. Post Traumatic De-Stress by Pat Joce
  201. No Trouble At All by Lisa Acerbo
  202. Echoes of the Past by Emma Kaye
  203. Sexual Confessional: Confidential Admissions from Social Media by Nicole Delacroix
  204. We Never Left You by Beth and Rick Olsen
  205. The Uber Author Planner by Hazel Butler
  206. Mimi’s Adventures in Baking Gingerbread Men by Alyssa Gangeri
  207. Strained by Maria Colette
  208. Peacemaking by Lance LoRusso
  209. You Think This is a Game? by Bernard Maestas
  210. Corlex: Episode 1 – Titan and the Reaper by Jacob Ingalls & Ryan Ingalls
  211. Sebastian Cork by Neal Davies
  212. Emmy Nation: Undercover Suffragette by L. Davis Munro
  213. Degrees of Control by Eve Dangerfield
  214. Fixed in Fear by T.E. Woods
  215. The Blood-Tainted Winter by T.L. Greylock
  216. Henchgirl by Rita Stradling
  217. The Samsaric by G.W. Lwin
  218. Full Circle for Mick by Michael Kramer