November 2018

Below is a list of all books I reviewed in November 2018 on I Heart Reading. Links point to the reviews.

  1. Love for Two Lifetimes by Martina Boone
  2. Life & Death in the Forest of Angels by Bernad Mann
  3. Slowly Melting by Yuval Hollander
  4. The Xanthippe Factor by Sara Breslerman
  5. Uniting Kingdoms by Oran Thaller
  6. Storm in a Cup of Coffee by Keren Or
  7. Getting Used to Success by H.J. Shalev
  8. The End-Time Foretellers by Ran Weber
  9. Parkinson’s? you Must be Joking! by Alona Golan Sadan
  10. Understanding Pain is Your Guide to Healing by Hayuta Epstein
  11. Dearly Beloved by Peggy Jaeger
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